Thursday, September 13, 2007

Learning 2.0 Impressions

I am done--I have discovered a few items that I would like explore and try out further, I have had fun and frustrations trying to post to the blog, I really cannot imasgine anyone wanting to read this. In fact I am using it more as a personal journal-although not really private, so that if I need to go back and remember how to do one of the learnings, this may trigger a memory.
I think I will find more uses for the wikis, I was not interested in the feeds--but then I found the Williamsburg storytelling podcast that I would be delighted to have on my feed, if I can get the podcast to work. I have great plans for both at home and at work, mainly because you can get to your favorites from anywhere. I find podcasts, and maybe short instructional videos more valuable that items on YouTube in general. I have learned a lot of terms and need all my password sheets. I am ready to be done for a while and allow myself to experiment with wikis or whatever before I start new materials.

Audio Books--I love them

One of the reasons I am trying to finish this soon is because I need an mp3 player that will work with our audio book service. I tried 2 years ago with Netlibrary and my newly bought mp3 player did not work with that system. Since we are dropping NetLibrary---I did not see anything about this, when I looked at HCPL's site for downloadable books. There still seem to be some popular items on Overdrive but the selection can't help but be more limited when we lose NetLibrary. I am planning on making use of this service as soon as possible. I am constantly listening to checked out titles that I would not normally have read, to the amusement ogf coworkers who know of my 10 minute commute. It is amazing how much I can listen to, even with a short commute since there areso many other times I am on the road.


I looked over and and found some interesting material.Both sites seem equally easy to use---even though some of the Yahoo sites were marked unavailable, which is good to know up front. I did listen to the featured site of Amateur Traveler and may go back to that since it seems to have interesting contests. I was also very excited, since I am going to Williamsburg this storytelling weekend, that I found a site for Williamsburg storrytelling, actually subscribed to the site and put that on my feed. However when I went to listen to the podcast, I could not get it to play. I will explore that also later, or get help if I can not get sound on another day.
I also plan to go back and experiment with podcasting, once I come up with a topic that I would like to deal with. Overall I have found the podcasts included in the Library 2.0 very easy to use and quite helpful, and my first real exposure to podcasts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Just like blogging and getting people's opinions on general topics ( I am not that wild about Talk Radio unless the subject is informational), I find YouTube nice entertainment, and I'm glad someone has the time but I don't. There was no video that important to be included in a blog. Now I can see that it would be useful to add a tiny video as part of a presentation or in a project where the video would add to the subject matter. I opened a Kitty video, simply because it was short, but at this point do not see a use for this. As I can tell, I am getting close to the end of my 23 things and really feel ready for a break.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Web 2.0 awards

I was going to start by looking at the book sites, but the only one that was of interest-LibraryThing, I had already worked with earlier. So I went on to events and looked at both Eventful and Upcoming, which I have saved in because i can see members of my family and customers finding this useful. "Upcoming" put me in the Baltimore area, while "Eventful" let me get as local as Bel Air.

Zoho Zoho

Zoho writer and Zoho wiki ---I can think of lots of possibilities for using these. I plan to send my daughters the information about the resume template, even if it may be wishful thinking. It may also be useful to help customers at the information desk.  I think the wiki will be easy enough to handle and I have some ideas for possible uses that I am mulling over.  While I am not ready to start the Wiki yet, I will be back to this site.   I was actually able to post it to my blog now that I know that the tab I push is at the bottom and that my URL is beginning quilts   Zoho 

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sandbox wikis

I spent quite a bit of time on this last week, and dutifully added an entry to the Learning 2.0 Sandbox Wiki. It did help me move around the site but otherwise not as useful as some of the other tools for me.